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On-line Testing - How Does It Work?

(November 27, 1997 Workshop)

What is an On-line Test?

On-line Testing involves the use of a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Program, $online.exe.

Using $online.exe Options

  1. What does an instructor need to do to use $online.exe?
    The instructor needs to:

  2. What is $online.exe and what does it do?
    $online.exe resides on a server computer. Once $online.exe is invoked, it goes through a 7-step cycle automatically. Its job is:

    Click on the image below for an explanation of $online.exe. (Close all pop-up windows after use.)

  3. How can I have access to $online.exe?
    Two options:
    1. You can run $online.exe on a server computer that is running O'Reilly's WebSite Web Server.
    2. Run it off my server for a pilot test.
    Send requests to Rosamaria Fong.

  4. What are the options that $online.exe have?
    Let's explore the $online.exe Options.

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