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This is bohrium.

Symbol Bh
Atomic number 107
Atomic mass (262) amu

Bohrium was first synthesized in 1981 at the Institute for Heavy Ion Research, GSI in Darmstadt. In 1989, the GSI team successfully repeated the synthesis and confirmed that 262Bh exists as two states - a ground state and an isomeric state.

The team suggested the name nielsbohrium with symbol Ns to honor the Danish physicist Niels Bohr. This led to a naming controversy as a committee of IUPAC rejected the name nielsbohrium since there was no precedence for using a scientist's complete name in the naming of an element and thus recommended that element 107 be named bohrium. The discoverers opposed to the name, but the matter was handed to the Danish branch of IUPAC who voted in favour of the name bohrium.

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