National Inventors Hall of Fame

  • This is the on-line version of the book about the National Inventors Hall of Fame. It allows you to do an electronic search on inventors in the hall of fame and their inventions.

    The medallion features on one side the profiles of Thomas Alva Edison, America's most prolific inventor, and President Abraham Lincoln, also an inventor, with Lincoln's tribute to the patent system: "The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius." Mr. Edison, who received 1,093 patents, was the first inventor inducted into The Hall of Fame. President Lincoln also received a patent for his invention of a device for buoying ships over shoals.

NASA's Quest Project

  • Find out what's happening at the NASA's OnLine interactive project center.

NASA's Space Image Libraries

  • A variety of sources for space-related images, presented by NASA's Aerospace Education Services Program.

National Geographic

Science World

Science World

  • Science World is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is the home of the OMNIMAX® Theatre, one of the largest dome screens in the world.
  • Want to know where the hands-on Science Centers are world-wide?
Adventure WebRing

Adventure WebRing

  • For those of you who are just a kid at heart, this is for you! This is a web ring of ADVENTURE!! Look for the passport logo at each sites and embark on the adventure that awaits you.