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The Chemistry Resource Center
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This site is designed to be a resource for anyone who is interested in Chemistry. It was prepared in response to students' enthusiasm towards using the the concept of hypermedia and the World-Wide Web (WWW) as a learning tool.

Many programs at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) require high school Chemistry 11 or equivalent for admission. Students who wish to enroll in any of these programs at BCIT frequently ask if their background knowledge in Chemistry is adequate for entry into first year BCIT Chemistry courses. The main goals of the Chemistry Resource Center is to establish a base-line of adequate Chemistry knowledge for admission into first year programs at BCIT and to enable learners to assess their own knowledge in Chemistry.

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About this Site:

The Chemistry Resource Center is an on-line facility available to all who wish to assess and/or upgrade their Chemistry skills. It is a 24-hour on-line multi-media tutor to direct students to find textbook references, interesting WWW links and to guide them to solve Chemistry problems.

The Chemistry Resource Center contains the following sections:

1. Pictures and descriptions of more than 100 elements of the periodic table.
2. Page references to three Chemistry textbooks on topics that students should have as background knowledge when entering a first year program requiring Chemistry at BCIT.
3. Over 500 interactive instant self-evaluation problems on each Chemistry topic. Many of these problems have accompanying multi-level hints.
4. A hypertext glossary containing more than 200 chemical terms.
5. Interesting World-Wide Web links to Chemistry-related sites.
6. A Chemist's tool bar with:
  • A clickable periodic table,
  • The Activity Series,
  • The Solubility Rules, and
  • The Oxidation Number Rules.

To the students who are considering enrolment into programs that require Chemistry prerequisites at BCIT:

You are encouraged to assess your Chemistry knowledge with the on-line asssessment test. It is a ten-question multiple-choice test that you can submit your answers for on-line marking. The score that you receive on-line is strictly for your own personal information.

Upon finding out your score on the assessment test,

  1. You may wish to upgrade your Chemistry skills by doing the interactive problems and doing some reading on the areas that you need upgrading. Then try again.
  2. You may wish to purchase the CD-ROM to access the interactive online self-assessment test bank for further studying.
  3. You may wish to enroll in the pre-entry CHEM 0010 course that is offered two times a year
    • January to April
    • April to August.
    This is a refresher course in Chemistry and is equivalent to a high-school Chemistry 11 course.

Remember, perseverence is the way to success.

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The author would like to thank the BCIT Instructional Development Committee for funding the proposal for developing this on-line Chemistry Resource Center web site. This work was carried out under the British Columbia Institute of Technology Instructional Enhancement Grant.

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