1. Balance each of the following redox reactions.

    If you need some help, review the steps involved in balancing redox reactions.

    (a) Cr2O72- (aq) + I- (aq) --> Cr3+ (aq) + IO3- (aq)
    in acidic solution
    (b) MnO4- (aq) + CH3OH (aq) --> Mn2+ (aq) + HCO2H (aq)
    in acidic solution
    (c) As (s) + ClO3- (aq) --> H3AsO3 (aq) + HClO (aq)
    in acidic solution
    (d) Pb(OH)42- (aq) + ClO- (aq) --> PbO2 (s) + Cl- (aq)
    in basic solution
    (e) H2O2 (aq) + ClO2 (aq) --> ClO2- (aq) + O2 (g)
    in basic solution
    (f) MnO4- (aq) + Cl- (aq) --> Mn2+ (aq) + Cl2 (aq)
    in acidic solution

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