• (a) Determine the number of valence electrons for the elements in group II:
      1 2 5

    • (b) How many periods are there in the periodic table?
      18 8 7

    • (c) What group or family of elements does silicon belong to?
      IVA VA VIA
    • (d) How many valence electrons does argon have?
      0 4 8
    • (e) What is the name of the Group IIA elements?
      alkali metals alkaline-earth metals transition metals
    • (f) What is the group number of the halogens?
      Group VA Group VIB Group VIIA
    • (g) How many elements are in period 2?
      6 8 18
    • (h) How many elements are in period 6?
      12 18 32
    • (i) The name given to the "A" elements is?

      The Representative elements The standard elements The Lewis elements
    • (j) Which of the following is an inert gas?
      hydrogen krypton chlorine
    • (j) Which of the following is a metalloid?
      magnesium germanium phosphorus
    • (k) Which of the following is a non-metal?
      magnesium osmium carbon
    • (l) Which of the following is a metal?
      Hg Sb Te
    • (m) Which property describes non-metals?

      conduct electricity very well
      do not react at all
      located on the right-hand-side of the periodic table
    • (n) Which property describes metalloids?

      conduct electricity very well
      elements that belong to Group IIIA
      have some metallic and some non-metallic properties
    • (o) Which property describes metals?

      like to form cations
      like to form covalent bonds
      does not like to react


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