1. Write the chemical formula to each of the following names.

    (a) acetic acid
    (b) calcium carbonate
    (c) hydrochloric acid
    (d) lead (II) oxide
    (e) dinitrogen oxide
    (f) magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
    (g) aluminum chloride
    (h) ammonium sulfate
    (i) ferrous phosphate
    (j) magnesium hydroxide
    (k) chromium (III) sulfate
    (l) sodium acetate
    (m) cobalt (III) nitrate
    (n) carbon disulfide
    (o) hydrobromic acid
    (p) phosphoric acid
    (q) sodium phosphate
    (r) ammonium hydroxide
    (s) sodium carbonate decahydrate
    (t) carbonic acid


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