1. Make the following metric conversions: (keep in mind significant figures)

2. Perform the following unit conversions within the metric system:

(a)2.34 kg = ______ g
(b)1234 mg = ______ kg
(c)34543 mm = ______ m
(d)0.045 L = ______ mL

3. Perform the following unit conversion between the English and metric system:

(a)22.54 in = ______ cm
(b)2304 lb = ______ g
(c)835 yd = ______ km
(d)26.54 mi = ______ m

4. Determine the number of:
(a)square meters (m2) in 1.00 square kilometer (km2)
(b)square meter (m2) in 1.00 square mile (mi2)
(c)cubic centimeters (cm3) in 1.00 cubic foot (ft3)
(d)cubic nanometers (nm3) in 1.00 cubic millimeter (mm3)

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