Your lab reports will be graded on:

  1. Data entry
  2. Data recorded with the correct number of significant figures
  3. Treatment of data – calculations
  4. Results

Each lab is marked out of 10.


For the graphs that you hand in, there are two components:

  1. Component 1: This is worth 8 marks.
    1. Print your graph and find a classmate to do a written peer review on your graph. Print a second graph if another classmate wants to do a peer review on your graph. (Maximum two peer reviewers and they must be students from your set.)
    2. Discuss the peer review with your classmate.
    3. Fix your graph and reprint.
    4. Hand in the original graph (GRAPH 1), the peer reviewed graph with reviewer’s comments (GRAPH 2) and the corrected graph (GRAPH 3).
  2. Component 2: Written peer review of a classmate’s graph. This is worth 2 marks.

Each graph is marked out of 10.
Optional: Correction of the graph after instructor’s grading (if there is any).
Make all your corrections and submit your correction to earn 1 mark back.