CHEM 2204

Chemical Laboratory Techniques

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Lab Exam #2: Determination of Copper in Water by Visible Spectrophotometry

Lab Exam #1: Assay of m-Toluic Acid by Titrimetry

Practical Assessment 2 will include assessing the following techniques:

  • Technique #1 – Use of a Burette
  • Technique #3 – Use of a Volumetric Flask
  • Technique #7 – Preparation of a Standard Solution
  • Technique #8 – Titration

In order to be well prepared for your first practical assessment, you will need to spend some time reviewing the techniques ( Techniques 1, 3, 7, 8 ) we covered.

Go to the laboratory page, and review:

  • Read the Preparation and marking scheme document
  • Read the Demonstrations of Nine Practical Lab Techniques
  • Download the schedules: Friday AM | Friday PM