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This hands-on laboratory course is taught to the first year students in the Chemical and Environmental Technology program. Please note that your program specifies that the only allowable calculator to be used in all assessments is the Sharp EL-520W calculator.

Course Outline

You will be conducting four types of labs in the course:

  1. Techniques and Practice labs (T & P), where you will learn and practice fundamental chemical lab techniques. There are 4 T & P labs.
  2. Experiments (Lab), where you will implement the proper chemical lab techniques to perform the experiment to carry out chemical analyses. You will be expected to perform chemical analyses with precision and accuracy, and will be graded on the calculated results which are submitted in a laboratory report. There are 5 labs.
  3. Practical Lab Techniques Assessments (PA), where you will be assessed individually on specific chemical lab techniques. This is a 10-15 minutes one-on-one assessment where you will be graded on the performance of the chemical lab techniques. There are two practical assessments.
  4. Final Examination, where you will be expected to carry out two experiments with proper chemical lab techniques. You will be graded on both chemical lab techniques and results. The final examination labs will be carried out in the last two weeks of the term.

Each week, prior to coming to the lab, read and prepare for the lab. Click the calendar tab for the course schedule. Materials and equipment that are required for each week are:

  1. the experiment’s procedure and datasheets – some labs require you to do calculations in advance
  2. the Sharp EL-520W calculator
  3. the lab coat
  4. the protective eyewear

Evaluation criteria:

  1. Practice lab techniques assessments (2) – 30%
  2. Lab Reports and Graphs (9) – 30%
  3. Final Examination – 40%

Reference Text: (available in the BCIT Library in Reserve)
Chemical Technicians’ Ready Reference Handbook, G.J. Shugar and J.T. Ballinger, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 1996.

Course credit: 4