For this graph that you are generating for next week, keep all the digits.

  1. You need to convert all the temperature readings to Kelvin, so add 273.15. (Keep all digits)
  2. You need to take the inverse of temperature readings that have been converted to Kevin. (Keep all digits)
  3. You need to take the natural log (ln) of all the pressure readings. (Keep all digits)
  4. Add the trendline and R2 value on the graph.

Make sure your graph is properly labeled with all the following information:

  1. Title the graph
  2. Label x-axis
  3. Label y-axis
  4. Write the slope = ________ units
  5. Calculate ΔHvap = _________ units

Run LINEST to determine the number of significant figures for the slope and ΔHvap.