Your set rep came to pick up your marked Practice graphs on Monday. Some of you did not do a Peer Review of a fellow student’s graph. I encourage you to practice doing Practice Reviews as many of you benefited from the errors that your reviewer spotted and made the corrections before handing the final graph in for marking.

There were some things that were not done properly.

  1. Ensure that you and your peer reviewer(s) sign the graphs that you are handing in
  2. Ensure that you hand in Graph 1 (original graph), Graph 2 (peer reviewed graph), Graph 3 (final graph that I mark)

When you see your marked lab, you will see two marks, which add to a total of 10.

  1. Graph mark: marked out of 8
  2. Peer review mark: marked out of 2

If you did not get 8 out of 8 on the graph mark, you have the option to get up to 1 mark by doing the corrections on your graph. The corrected graph will be due the following week. The corrected graph must be stapled with the marked graphs as I will need to compare it to the previous graphs.