CHEM 0012

Foundations of Applied Chemistry


Lab Reports

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For your lab report you must hand in

  1. A cover page.

For help with conclusions see here

2. Your data (in pen)

3. Questions


Don’t forget to view to Videx Content

Here are the WHMIS slides from the lab talk as well as the WHMIS poster from the lab. labWHIMISposter


WHMIS Symbols (PPT Slides)

If you would like to brush up on your chem 11 you can got to the BCIT Chem 11 Website where you will find lots of problems.


If you would like some Chem 11 notes I recommend this website.


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Welcome to the CHEM 0012 course website.

CHEM 0012 is a course in the Technology Entry program. This course is the equivalent of the high school grade 12 chemistry course. See the Course Outline

If you are looking to brush up on your chemistry skills at your own pace, go to the CHEM 0010 website. It is equipped with 10 units of course materials, interactive self-assessment problems, glossary, and tools for you to work on at your own pace. Bookmark the site and come back to use it frequently.

Ions to learn

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Names of Polyatomic ions and their Charges

In this course, you will need to learn some polyatomic ions. Be sure to learn their names, formulas and their charges.

Cation: ammonium, NH4+
Anions: nitrate, NO3
acetate, C2H3O2
sulfate, SO42-
hydroxide, OH
phosphate, PO43-
carbonate, CO32-
cyanide, CN
chlorate, ClO3
permanganate, MnO4
chromate, CrO42-
dichromate, Cr2O72-

Hint: Make flash cards for learning the ions – on one side, write the formula, on the other side, write the name.