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Chem Lab Safety Policy

Chem 0012 Conclusion Writing Guide

Lab Report Write-up
Lab 1
Lab 1
Part A Links
WorkSafeBC website
Classification, Labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Part B Links
Volumetric Measurement Techniques

Lab 2

Lab 2 Calculations

Lab 3

LeChatelier’s Principle Video

Lab 4

Lab 4 Powerpoint Slides

Lab 5

Acid Ionization Video
Acid-Base Neutralization Video

Lab 6

Acid-Base Titration Video

Lab 7

Buffer Solutions Video

Class Buffer Graph

Lab 8

Lab 8 Electrochemistry
Lab 8 Handout

Lab 9

Video Sign-up

Prelab questions:

Prelab questions are due at 11:59 PM on the tuesday night before the lab session. The prelab assignments are in the Maple TA course Chem 0012 Prelab Assignment. The links to the videos in the Prelab Assignments are given above.

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