On completion of the unit you should be able to:

1. state the mass, charge and location of protons, electrons and neutrons.
2. given the atomic number of an element, draw diagrams showing the protons in the nucleus and the electrons in shells (or energy levels) around the nucleus.
3. write the electron dot symbols for the elements in groups 1 to 8 in the periodic table.
4. define isotopes, mass number and atomic mass.
5. given the relative abundance and isotopic masses for an element, calculate the atomic mass of that element.
6. given the atomic number and mass number of an element, calculate the number of electrons.

8.1 Atom

8.2 Isotope
Reading: Hebden – page 144-146
8.3 Arrangement of electrons

8.4 Electron configurations of atoms
8.5 Atomic mass

Reading: Hebden – page 150
8.6 Periodic table of the elements

Reading: Hebden – page 158-159
8.7 Periodic trends

8.8 Bonding

Reading: Hebden – page 183-186