On completion of the unit you should be able to:

1. define valence electrons and atomic number.
2. define positive and negative ions.
3. identify the elements in the periodic which tend to form positive ions and those which tend to form negative ions.
4. write the name given the formula and vice versa for:

  • binary compounds
  • ternary compounds
  • hydrates
  • binary acids
  • oxy acids
4.1 Understanding the construction of a chemical formula

Reading: Hebden – page 70-71, 166
4.2 Naming compounds
4.3 Greek prefix
4.4 Naming binary compounds
4.5 Naming ternary compounds
4.6 Naming hydrates
4.7 Naming binary acids
4.8 Naming oxy acids
Reading: Hebden – page 65-69, 72-75
Write chemical formulas
Write chemical names