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General Activity Series For Nonmetals

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Chemist’s Tools: Ions to learn

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Names of Polyatomic ions and their Charges

In this course, you will need to learn some polyatomic ions. Be sure to learn their names, formulas and their charges.

Cation: ammonium, NH4+
Anions: nitrate, NO3
acetate, C2H3O2
sulfate, SO42-
hydroxide, OH
phosphate, PO43-
carbonate, CO32-
cyanide, CN
chlorate, ClO3
permanganate, MnO4
chromate, CrO42-
dichromate, Cr2O72-

Hint: Make flash cards for learning the ions – on one side, write the formula, on the other side, write the name.

CHEM 0011

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Welcome to the CHEM 0011 course website.

CHEM 0011 is a face-to-face classroom course in the Technology Entry program. This course is the equivalent of the high school grade 11 chemistry course. See the course outline.

Tips for success in this course is:

  • Don’t miss a lecture.
  • Follow this site and come back to use it frequently.
  • Keep doing the problems so that all the concepts will sink in.
  • Hand in all the labs, prelabs and assignments on time.
  • Manage your time wisely and prepare for the tests and exam.

Laboratory (10) – 20 %
Prelab Tests (10) – 10 %
Lecture tests (2) – 20 %
Assignments (10) – 20 %
Final Examination – 30 %

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