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Locate the Prelabs in the course: CHEM 0011

Each prelab contains 5 or more questions about the lab. Read the lab thoroughly before you click the prelab link. Feel free to use the lab manual when you are submitting your answers for the prelab. [ You will be given ONE attempt to submit each prelab, and each MUST be submitted before the due date.] – For Prelab 1 (and only Prelab 1), you will be given FIVE attempts.

Locate the Practice Assignments and Assignments in the course: CHEM 0011 Assignment

Use the practice assignments to understand the various concepts of the course. Practice as often as you wish until you get a perfect score each time.
You will NOT be able to save a practice assignment even though there is a link that says “Quit and Save”. Click the ‘Grade’ link as often as you wish. Go back and redo the practice assignments as often as you wish. No record of your attempts will be kept.

Try the following practice assignments:

Your score will be recorded for marks toward the course. Each assignment has 10 questions and it has a due date. You MUST submit the assignment before the due date.

Click on the assignment and you will be given the option to print the assignment. (See below)

Choose “Print assignment for off-line work” to print and work on the questions offline. When you are ready, return to Maple TA and click on the assignment again to submit your answers. You do not need to input all your answers all at once. As long as you do not click the Grade link, you will be able to go back to enter more answers. However, you will not be able to go back to change the previous answers. Do not click the Grade link until you are ready to submit the assignment. Clicking the Grade link submits your answers and will count as one of the two attempts.

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