LECTURE (Week 12) – Review for Test #2

Test #2 up to today’s lecture: Try the practice test!! (Week 11)

Test #2 will have questions that test your knowledge on:

Unit 6 – Balance chemical equations Unit 6 – Classification of chemical reactions Unit 6 – Use of Activity Series of metals table Unit 6 – Use of Solubility Rules table Unit 6 – Predict products for combustion, single-replacement, double-replacement and neutralization reactions Unit . . . → Read More: Test #2 up to today’s lecture: Try the practice test!! (Week 11)

LECTURE (Week 11) – Unit 7 – Calculations involving Chemical Reactions

7.1 Coefficients of a chemical reaction 7.2 Calculations based on chemical equations

Mole-mole calculation Mass-mass calculation Mass-mole calculation

Download lecture presentation 1. Download lecture presentation 2.

LECTURE (Week 11) – Unit 7 – Animation: Calculations involving Acid-Base Neutralization Reactions

Watch the video on titration to understand how to do calculations involving acid-base titrations.

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