Test #1 includes up and including Unit 5

On the day of the test, you will be provided with the following as reference:

a Periodic Table the expanded road map

Test #1 will have questions that test your knowledge on:

Unit 2 – Determination of significant figures Unit 2 – Rounding and calculations involving significant figures Unit 2 – SI units and . . . → Read More: Test #1 includes up and including Unit 5

LECTURE (Week 6) – Unit 6 – Balancing chemical equations

6.1 Law of conservation of energy 6.2 Chemical reactions: Law of conservation of mass 6.3 Balancing chemical equations

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Download the Solution (Maple TA type questions) Worksheet

These are Maple TA-type questions that you will see in your assignments. Download and print the Solution worksheet.

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Download the Solution Dilution Worksheet

Download the solution dilution worksheet:

Solution Dilution worksheet

Lecture (Week 6) – Unit 5 – Molar Volume, Molarity, Solution Dilution

5.7 – Molar Volume of a Gas 5.10 – Molarity and solution preparation 5.11 – Solution Dilution

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