LECTURE (Week 14) – Review this week – bring your questions to class

Download the Periodic Trends Worksheet

Homework Instructions:

Read the lecture notes of sections 8.6 and 8.7 in Unit 8. Download and print the worksheets single-sided and complete the worksheets. (There are 5 pages and SIX parts!)

LECTURE (Week 13) – Unit 8 – Bonding, Periodic Trends; Unit 9 – Polarity

8.7 Periodic trends 8.8 Bonding

9.1 Terminology 9.2 Polarity of molecules

Download lecture presentation.

LECTURE (Week 12) – Unit 8 – Quantum Mechanical Model, Writing Electron Configurations

8.3 Arrangement of electrons

Quantum mechanical model of the atom

8.4 Electron configurations of atoms

Download lecture presentation.

LECTURE (Week 12) – Unit 8 – Unit 8 – Bohr Model, Lewis Electron Dot Symbols

8.3 Arrangement of electrons

Bohr model of the atom Lewis electron-dot formulas of elements

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