LECTURE (Week 8) – Unit 6 – Types of Reactions: Synthesis, Decomposition, Double Replacement

6.5 Types of Reactions:

Synthesis Decomposition Double Replacement Reaction

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LECTURE (Week 8) – Review for Test #1

DUE: Prelab for Experiment 7 due today by 11:59 pm

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Road Maps:

Mole – Mass – Volume – Particles conversion From Percent Composition to Empirical Formula to Chemical Formula


Test #1 covers Unit 2 to 5. Here are the worksheets to prepare for Test #1: Unit 2 – Maple TA type questions on unit conversion Unit 2 – 1st Significant figures worksheet (Due: . . . → Read More: Scanned Lecture Notes

DUE: (Week 7) – Worksheet for Flipped Lecture 1: Unit 6 – Empirical formulae based on combustion reaction products

Watch the flipped lecture 1 video and download the worksheet that accompanies this online lecture. under Scanned Lecture Notes.

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