Answers to the 2nd Significant Figures Worksheet

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LECTURE (Week 3) – Unit 4 – Octet Rule and Writing Chemical Formulae

4.1 Understanding the construction of a chemical formula

Octet rule and valence electrons Writing chemical formulae

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DUE: Assignment 1 due by 11:59 pm (Week 3)

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Experiment 2 – Measurement

Scanned Lecture Notes

Road Maps:

Mole – Mass – Volume – Particles conversion From Percent Composition to Empirical Formula to Chemical Formula


Test #1 covers Unit 2 to 5. Here are the worksheets to prepare for Test #1: Unit 2 – Maple TA type questions on unit conversion Unit 2 – 1st Significant figures worksheet (Due: . . . → Read More: Scanned Lecture Notes

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