FLIPPED LECTURE 1: How to find an empirical formula from a combustion reaction

There is an online lecture, which is available to you to watch on your video player. You will find a box that says ‘Lectures’. Inside the Lectures box, you will find the online video, ‘Flipped Lecture #1 – How to find an empirical formula from a combustion reaction’. This video is to prepare you for answering this type of question in Assignment 7.

Your task is:

  1. Download the worksheet that accompanies this online lecture.
    Under Scanned Lecture Notes, under Worksheets, there is an item,
    ONLINE LECTURE accompanying Worksheet: Unit 6 – How to find an empirical formula from a combustion reaction.
  2. Watch the video. As you watch the video, you will be asked to pause the video and certain times and do problems on the worksheet. (Slide number is located on the lower right corner)
  3. Watch the video and feel free to watch and re-watch any part that you do not understand.
  4. Complete the worksheet.

The completed worksheet is Due: Thursday, Feb 22 in tutorial.

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