DUE: Prelab for Experiment 2 due today by 11:59 pm

Submit prelab questions for Experiment 2

VIDEOS to watch for Experiment 2 – Measurement

Here are the videos you can watch when preparing for Experiment 2 and writing the Experiment 2 lab report.

LECTURE (Week 3) – Unit 4 – Octet Rule and Writing Chemical Formulae

4.1 Understanding the construction of a chemical formula

Octet rule and valence electrons Writing chemical formulae

Download lecture presentation.

REMINDER: Prelab 1 due by 11:59 pm tonight

Just a reminder to those who have not submitted the prelab for Expt 1, please submit by 11:59 pm tonight.

Set A Tutorial Room Change to SE06-230

Starting tomorrow (Sept 19), Set A will go to SE06-230 for their tutorial at 9:30 am. It is much closer to your classes. Set B, there is no room change.

See you all tomorrow!

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