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DUE: Prelab for Experiment 3 due today by 11:59 pm

Submit prelab questions for Experiment 3

Download the Naming Worksheet

Download and print the Naming worksheet.

LECTURE (Week 4) – Unit 4 – Naming

4.2 Naming compounds 4.3 Greek prefix 4.4 Naming binary compounds 4.5 Naming ternary compounds 4.6 Naming hydrates 4.7 Naming binary acids 4.8 Naming oxy acids

Download lecture presentation.

Answers to the 1st Significant Figures Worksheet

Download the answers to the 1st Significant figures worksheet.

Learn your ions!

Learn this list of ions. (Also available under Chemist’s Tools > Ions to Learn)

Cation: ammonium, NH4+ Anions: nitrate, NO3– acetate, C2H3O2– sulfate, SO42- hydroxide, OH– phosphate, PO43- carbonate, CO32- cyanide, CN– chlorate, ClO3– permanganate, MnO4– chromate, CrO42- dichromate, Cr2O72-

Hint: Make flash cards for learning the ions – on one side, write the . . . → Read More: Learn your ions!

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