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How to download the video player

The video player will allow you access to the videos to learn about significant figures with sample calculations, the labs and how to write up the lab conclusion. Here are the steps to download the video player:

Click on the video player link on the right, either the Windows version or the Mac version. . . . → Read More: How to download the video player

Download the Double Replacement Reactions Worksheet

Download the Double Replacement reactions worksheet.

TUTORIAL – Lab: Experiment 7 Practice Questions

Question 1: The combustion of propane, CH3CH2CH3, produces carbon dioxide, water vapour and heat. Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction and include the heat on the correct side of the reaction.

Answer to Question 1:

Combustion reaction always involves oxygen, O2 (g). Combustion reaction involving hydrocarbons (compounds made up of . . . → Read More: TUTORIAL – Lab: Experiment 7 Practice Questions

LECTURE (Week 8) – Unit 6 – Double Replacement Reaction & Acid and Base Neutralization Reactions

Double-Replacement Reaction

Neutralization Reaction.

Scanned Lecture Notes

Lab Report Write up Instructions Experiment 2 Lab Report Writing Video

Road Maps:

Mole – Mass – Volume – Particles conversion From Percent Composition to Empirical Formula to Chemical Formula


Test #1 covers Unit 2 to 5. Here are the worksheets to prepare for Test #1: Unit 2 – Density Questions Worksheet Unit . . . → Read More: Scanned Lecture Notes

LECTURE (Week 8) – Unit 6 – Empirical formulae based on combustion reaction products

Determination of empirical formulae based on Combustion reaction products.

Download the Video Player

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