ChemEd 2005 Presenters

Submission of Electronic Documents for the ChemEd 2005 Trading Post

ChemEd 2005 encourages presenters to share your resources with other educators. Presenters may submit an electronic version of your presentation in a pdf file and/or a URL of your website. The submission of the electronic file in pdf format will ensure maximum readability by all participants and will also minimize the risk of spreading viruses infected files.

Please provide the URL to your website or send your pdf file as an attachment to Rosamaria Fong, Conference Webmaster, with the following words on the subject line.

"ChemEd 2005 Trading Post - your session ID"

e.g. "ChemEd 2005 Trading Post - SUAM-S1-1-01"

Only email with the attachment sent as a pdf file AND with the proper subject line will be opened. All other email will be automatically deleted. Please do NOT send a pdf file that exceed 1 MB. If it exceeds 1 MB, please provide the URL of the file on your server.

For ease of identification, Macintosh users are asked to display the .pdf extension. The name of your pdf file should adhere to the following naming convention.

Session ID + underscore + file name
(All spaces must be connected with underscores.)

e.g. SUAM-S1-1-01_Tips_for_teachers.pdf

Send in your information for the Trading Post as soon as possible.