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The author would like to thank the following people who have contributed in many ways in making the CHEM 0010 Web-based study guide available for the students.

Technical Support:

Dr. Ken Fong - TRIUMF, UBC
Nicholas Fong - National Research Council of Canada
George Kidd - BCIT, Computing System Technology
BCIT Computer Resources Department


Dr. Griff Richards - BCIT, Coordinator of On-line Learning

Department Support:

Richard Tam - BCIT, Chemistry
BCIT Chemistry Department

School Support:

Dr. Ken Takagaki - BCIT, Dean of School of Computing and Academic Studies
Kent Yakel - BCIT, Associate Dean of School of Computing and Academic Studies

Institute Support:

Mal Stelck - BCIT, Vice President of Education
Dixie Stockmayer - BCIT, Director of Learning Resources Unit
BCIT Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Project Team

Financial Support:

1.BCIT Instructional Enhancement Grant (Jan 1997 to Sept 1997)
2.BCIT Learning Enhancement Grant (current grant)
  • "BCIT Chemistry Resource Web Suite CD-ROM" - To create and facilitate the accessibility of the On-line Resource Center, the entire Resource Center and many more "value-added" attractions will be made available on a CD-ROM for distribution.
3.BCIT CMC Project Grant (current grant)


Author: Rosamaria Fong
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Chemistry Department
Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2