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Lecture Materials Chem 0010 Lectures

CHEM 0010 is presented to you in ten units. Click on the icons below to work through the course material. My recommendation is for you to work through these units from 1 to 10 as later units draw on knowledge from previous units. However, feel free to click around and see what's coming up in the units ahead.

Interactive Problems Learning Icon / Interactive Problems

When you see this icon it means that you are expected to learn and know the material. This icon appears on lesson pages in the units and at the end of every unit. You are expected to do all the interactive problems at the end of each unit to help you check your knowledge on the unit. These interactive problems are for your practice. They are not for marks. They are designed to give you instant feedback. Some of these interactive problems involve some calculations. So, have your pen and calculator ready. If you get most or all of them correct, it means that you have a good understanding of the unit. If not, then go back and do more problems from the textbook.

Reading Assignments Reading

In most pages, a reading assignment can be found at the bottom of each page. The adopted textbook for this course is given below.

Text book TEXTBOOK
Basic Chemistry Seventh Edition G. William Daub and William S. Seese ISBN 0-13-373630-X

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