EXPT 10:

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Experiment 10 - Acid-Base Titrimetry


Part B - Standardization of the HCl Solution

  1. Obtain about 200 mL of the dilute HCl solution provided in a dry beaker. Rinse and fill a buret with this solution.
  2. Pipet three 10.00 mL portions of sodium carbonate solution into clean Erlenmeyer flasks. Add 5 drops of bromocresol green indicator into each flask.
  3. Titrate the first portion to a green endpoint from blue. Record the buret volume. Save the solution and use it as a colour comparison in the next titrations.
  4. Repeat the titration with fresh portions of sodium carbonate solution and titrate to the same endpoint colour until two titration volumes are obtained which agree to within +/- 0.10 mL.


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