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Experiment 1 - Measurement


In this lab you are asked to make a series of mass, volume and temperature measurements and record the number of significant figures in each measurement.

Mass measurement involves determining the mass of the sand in a vial.

Three stations will be set up in the laboratory. Each station is set up for you to determine the two volume measurements and a temperature measurement. The measuring instruments at the three stations are:

  1. a graduated cylinder for volume measurement
  2. a buret for volume measurement
  3. a temperature for temperature measurement

Click on the above links to read more on how to determine proper volume and temperature measurements.

Volume measurements can be made with various types of glassware. The glassware that is used determines the accuracy of the measurement.

In all the measurement determination, it is important that you pay attention to:

  1. the determination of the value of the measurement,
  2. the unit that is associated with the measurement,
  3. the proper number of significant figures that is associated with the measurement.

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