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Welcome to CHEM 0010!
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It is extremely important that you spend as much time as you can working through the interactive problem examples and exercises in this site as well as working through the problems at the end of each chapter that illustrate the concepts introduced in the online units.

A scientific calculator is REQUIRED for this course. The Technology Entry Program has specified the use of the Sharp EL-520W calculator. As we will be using very large numbers such as 6.02 x 1023, your calculator must be able to use scientific notation when entering, storing, and displaying numbers.

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Course Outline
The course outline gives a brief overview of this course.
Check out the textbook requirement and bring the required lab equipment to your first lab. As well, find out about the evaluation scheme for the course.
Check on the calendar to find out where you should be in your studies. I provide a schedule for completion of the units. Try to adhere to the schedule as much as you can to ensure success of finishing the course in the given time.
Course Lectures
Click on the blackboard to access the 10 units of the course, or jump directly to the units by clicking on the units on the bottom navigation bar.
Online Assignments
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Click on the lab icons and complete the pre-lab test before the lab begins.
Chemist's Tools
Chemists need to rely on reference materials. Click on this icon and you will see the Periodic Table of Elements, Glossary, Names of common polyatomic ions, Activity Series, Solubility Rules, and Rules for Assigning Oxidation Numbers.
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Find out how you're doing in the course and compare your mark to the rest of the class.

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