A Virtual Panorama Tour of SW1 3010

Welcome to the virtual tour of one of our student labs. This particular lab is located on the south west side of the campus in SW1 3010. This lab can accomodate 25 students and is equipped with fume hoods along one side of the lab.

The Chemistry Department is committed to provide and maintain a clean and safe laboratory environment. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, in accordance to the Chemistry Laboratory Safety Policy.

Place your mouse on the picture and drag to pan around the lab. See if you can locate some of the items listed below:

Look for:

  1. a work bench
  2. the drying oven
  3. the ice machine
  4. the fire extinguishers:
    • the fire extinguisher on the wall
    • the fire extinguisher by the door
    • the fire extinguisher in the wooden fume hood
  5. the eyewash/emergency shower station
  6. the balance room
  7. the first aid box
  8. the spill control pillow
  9. a pair of safety goggle
  10. the glass bin