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The Chemistry Resource Center is an online facility available to all who wish to assess and/or upgrade their Chemistry skills. It is a 24-hour on-line multi-media tutor to direct students to find textbook references, interesting WWW links and to guide them to solve Chemistry problems.

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Chemistry Resource Center

BCIT Online Chemistry Resource Wiki

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BCIT Chemistry Resource Wiki

Free to use to brush up your chemistry skills.

CHEM 0010
High school grade 11 Chemistry

This is a self-study online chemistry course. Use this course to brush up on your
chemistry knowledge.

CHEM 0010

Chemistry Inventory Database

Chemistry Inventory


ChemEd 2005 - This site is kept for viewing purpose only

The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, has been chosen as the host for the The 18th Biennial ChemEd Conference July 31 - August 4, 2005
Conference URL: http://nobel.scas.bcit.ca/chemed2005

Chem Ed 2005


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