Chemistry Courses:

CHEM 0011
- Introductory of
Applied Chemistry

course is the prerequisite for BCIT programs requiring high school
Grade 11 Chemistry. This course covers chemistry topics which are ESSENTIAL
for successful entry in BCIT programs.

CHEM 0011

CHEM 0012 -Foundations of Applied Chemistry
This is a Grade 12 equivalent chemistry course.
course is the prerequisite for BCIT programs requires high school Grade 12 Chemistry.

Chem 2204

CHEM 2204 - Chemical Laboratory Techniques
This course emphasizes the safe analysis of natural samples where interfering elements or substances must be removed before the final analysis, with particular emphasis on safety awareness and application.

Chem 2204

CHEM 3310 - Physical Chemistry
The course presents the first and second laws of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, catalysis and kinetic theory of gases.

CHEM 3310


Free to use to brush up your chemistry skills.

CHEM 0010
High school grade 11 Chemistry

This is a self-study online chemistry course. Use this course to brush up on your
chemistry knowledge.

CHEM 0010

BCIT Online Chemistry Resource Center
The Chemistry Resource Center is an online facility available to all who wish to assess and/or upgrade their Chemistry skills. It is a 24-hour on-line multi-media tutor to direct students to find textbook references, interesting WWW links and to guide them to solve Chemistry problems.

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Chemistry Resource Center

Chemistry Inventory Database

Chemistry Inventory

Online Tools for Instructors

Online Tools for Instructors


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Conference Presentations:


Online Showcase Presentation - Nov 24, 2010
- Rosamaria Fong, Jimmy Lowe, BCIT

Presentation description:

Using a combination of Web 2.0 tools such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Twitter, and Polldaddy in my face-to-face classroom to bridge the physical and the virtual classrooms.

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B.C. Science Teachers' Association
Catalyst 2003 Presentations -
May 3, 2003

- Success in integrating Science and Technology in teaching

bulletThe BCIT Online Chemistry Resource Center
    Presenter: Rosamaria Fong

bulletIntegrating Technology into our Science
   Presenters: Peter Thackwray &
   Rosamaria Fong

1998 TCC ONLINE CONFERENCE "Online Instruction: Trends and Issues II"
April 7,8, 9 1998)
Paper submitted

"Adding Value: Using Online Activities to Ensure Student Success"
Author: Griff Richards, Rosamaria Fong

ChemConf98 - On-line Conference on Chemical Education
(January 16 to May 1, 1998)
Conference site:
Topic/Chemistry/ChemConference/ ChemConf98/
Paper submitted

"Students' Response to the Use of Computer-Mediated Communication
(CMC) for Teaching Chemistry"
Author: Rosamaria Fong
On-line Discussion: February 20-26, 1998

ChemEd 2005

The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, has been chosen as the host for the The 18th Biennial ChemEd Conference July 31 - August 4, 2005
Conference URL:

Chem Ed 2005


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